• 3D simulation which is user-controllable including orbit and zoom

• Toggle-through color overlays representing per input parameters

• Pie chart implementation

• Google spreadsheets integration:  user-friendly collaborative framework

• Live Google update: real time 3D sim updates based on online spreadsheet modifications

Scenario Modeler:  UI driven controls for extrapolating data sets potentially across geography, global parameters, and/or time

• Customizable C# OOP backend

• Desktop application deliverable (PC, Mac, Linux)




• Dynamic Scalability: additional inputs generated, parsed and saved to sim at runtime through spreadsheet.  Users may add inputs indefinitely.

• Physics, particle, ai, crowd sim, flow dynamics available upon request

• Web Deliverable: publically shareable online sim and secure server side database (custom MYSQL solution replaces Google spreadsheets)

• Iphone/Android smart phone and/or tablet builds as separate deliverables